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About Fullon Hotels

About Fullon Hotels

Fullon Hotels chain is part of the famous “Lih Pao Construction” conglomerate in Taiwan. The conglomerate was established in 1980, and has been upholding the ideas of “Honest Attitude”, “Stable Management”, “Excellent Quality”, and “Passionate Service” as the central missions of the conglomerate. Works of Lih Pao have won many awards in the construction field every year, the awards include “National Golden Award for Construction”, “Golden Award for Chinese Construction”, and “Golden Lion Award for Formosa Construction”, and other awards. Lih Pao is also listed as the top 500 enterprises in the service sector and construction industry in CommonWealth Magazine and Business Weekly; Lih Pao is the creator of classic buildings in consumer's minds.

In recent years, as the increasing of national living standards, as well as the weekly-two-day-off system, people are putting more and more emphasis on leisure activities. The “2008 Doubling Tourists” program, promoted by the government, is driving the development of tourism in Taiwan. Wu Pao-tian, president of Lih Pao, is very aware of the trend and recognizes that tourism will be the trade with the most development potential in the 21st century. Using the high quality technique as the basis, Mr. Wu also invites excellent talents of hotel design, plan, and management from Taiwan and abroad to undertake the development of Fullon Hotels.

Fullon Hotels & Resorts is now the largest hotel chain in Taiwan, including Fullon Hotel Taipei, Fullon Hotel Sanyin, Fullon Hotel Taoyuan, Fullon Hotel Jhongli, Fullon Hot Spring Resort Danshuei, Fullon Hotel Kending, Fullon Hotel Linkou, Fullon Hotel Shenkeng, Fullon Hotel Fulong, Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung, Fullon Hotel Hualien, Fullon Hotel Danshuei Fishermen's Wharf and Fullon Hotel Yamay which just opened in July, 2012. 13 hotels are in operation. Besides, Fullon Hotel Puli and Fullon Hotel Fulong II are serious work in progress. Fullon Hotels & Resorts plans to establish at least a total of 16 chain hotels.

Fullon roots in Taiwan while has a broad view in the international market and seeks sustainable management. It will be the most competitive new chain hotel system in Taiwan. “Sincere and thoughtful, enjoy staying at Fullon” is our motto. Fullon Hotels always offer the best service to each and every guest here.