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Kending Fullon

Fullon Resort Kending is located at the top of Dayuan Mountainin in the Kending National Park, overlooking the expansive Bashi Channel and the Eluanbi Lighthouse, aka the Light of East Asia that has led tens of thousand ships safely back to home. In the vicinity of Chuanfan Rock Beach, the five-hectare Fullon Resort Kending has the most beautiful scenery in Kending. Have a BBQ party with grand sea view or savor the delicacies in the Four Seasons Restaurant, Arcadia Café, and Fortune Fuyuan. All the best natural and good-to-health ingredients are collected and made into creative delicious Chinese and western cuisines. Simple, trendy, exquisite, and Spanish-styled Fullon Resort Kending has 186 elegant and classy rooms of different types. The sunset on the golden beach accompanied by the blue waves create the best setting to bathe in the moonlight, observe the stars, admire the grand ocean, and find complete relief as you throw all the pressures and botherations behind. Well equipped with facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a children pool, indoor SPA, saunas, a children’s playground, karaoke, fitness center, table tennis tables, billiards table, a bowling alley, and video game room, you can have a wonderful time with your kids and other family members. Fullon Resort Kending enables guests to release their fatigue and stress and allows them to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city as immersing themselves in the wonderful Nature of Kending.

  • 08-885-6688
  • 經緯度: 21.936627, 120.818281
  • No. 1000, Chuanfan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 946, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Hualien Fullon

Opened in 2010, Fullon Hotel Hualien locates at downtown Hualien and neighbors Hualien Harbor. The magnificent building is now a landmark of Hualien as well as the most gorgeous spot in Eastern Taiwan. With 15 minutes drive from Hualien Train Station and Hualien Airport, the accessibility makes the Hotel the best choice when travelling the Eastern Taiwan.
The general design and details in the Hotel feature the artistic style of indigenous culture in Eastern Taiwan. The 16-story building offers 257 guestrooms, and in-Hotel facilities include La Fontaine SPA, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, karaoke and bar. You’ll always have a joyful holiday even when staying at the Hotel.
The multifunctional banquet hall and the Arcadia Café in the Hotel provide delicacies that meet your standard. This is your best choice for corporate meetings. Whether you’re on your business trip or a backpacker, you can enjoy the best scenery of Hualien at Fullon.
The Hualien Harbor is just by the Hotel, from where you can take in the fabulous sea view of the Pacific and watch the cruises travelling on the sea; let go all your worries and stresses, this is a holiday with leisure content.

  • 03-823-9988
  • 經緯度: 23.999269, 121.6329
  • No.51, Minsheng Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Fulong Fullon

Fullon Hotel Fulong is unique in its position as the most Southeast Asian villa style resort in northern Taiwan. Located in Northeast Coast which boasts abundant geographical resources, the hotel can take you to experience the change of seasons in North Coast.
Launch sky lanterns in Pingsi and appreciate age-old cobbles on the Turtle Island in spring. Take a stroll and bathe in the sun on the beach and cool down in the blue sea in summer. Visit the Caoling Historic Trail to savor the best of the silver grass season in autumn. Northeast Coast will prove itself to be a must-go destination that you’ll never forget.
Fullon Hotel Fulong defines what a real vacation is. In addition to its perfect location by the Fulong Beach, the hotel also provides great facilities and services to make your vacation nothing but satisfaction. Its Southeast Asian architectural style and resort services allow the guest to indulge in exotic luxury without leaving Taiwan.

  • 02-2499-2381
  • 經緯度: 25.019779, 121.943007
  • No.40, Fulong St., Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City 22841, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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Danshuei Fishermen Fullon

Fullon Hotel Tamsui Fishermen’s Wharf is located at Fishermen’s Wharf and near the estuary of Tamsui River. An overlook of Guanyin Mountain and Bali ferries and a gaze at golden sunset are sure to amaze the guest.
Shaped as a giant cruise liner, the Hotel is praised as “Fullon Love Boat”. With the 198 rooms, entertainment facilities including a spa, a swimming pool and a gym, you are the most distinguished guests who're enjoying a wonderful holiday by the beach. There’s also a column-free, high-end banquet hall that holds up to 100 Chinese banquet tables or 1000 guests in western style layout. Besides, Marina Bay Plaza, the retail area and art street outside the Hotel, provides one-stop shopping and leisure activities for the traveler.
The Hotel is accompanied by a revolving tower, the Lovers’ Tower, on which Lihpao Construction spent more than NT$300 million. Built upon Swiss hardware with strict safety standards, the 100-meter tower can carry up to 80 visitors each time and glance over a panorama of Tamsui, the Taiwan Straits and Guanyin Mountain. The guests can see the different faces of the town in drizzle, misting morning or poetic sunset, These sceneries will all leave an imprinted fond memory in your mind.

  • 02-2628-7777
  • 經緯度: 25.182234, 121.415952
  • No.83, Guanhai Rd., Danshui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Yamay Fullon

Get All You Expect For A Wonderful Holiday At Our Theme Hotels!
Welcome to Fullon Resort Yamay, a joyful themed space with exquisite guest rooms, delicious seasonal cuisines, and sincere services. The hotel is composed of trendy designed buildings. All the guests, old or young, can walk from the theme hotel to Lipao Land, Mala Bay, and the Happy Shopping Street whenever they want. Come and enjoy the best vacation with the whole family. Welcome to Yamay for a wonderful holiday. All comments are welcomed. Please email us.

  • 04-2559-2888
  • 經緯度:24.323518, 120.695415
  • No.88, Fullon Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Taipei Fullon

The Paragon of Ultimate and Prestige
Fullon Hotel Taipei is located between two thoroughfares, Renai Road and Sinyi Road, and is close to Jianguo South Road Interchange. It takes only 10 minutes of drive from the Hotel to Sinyi district, or to the Zhongxiao East Road neighborhood--the major area where people can shop, conduct business, and enjoy leisure activities in Taipei. The excellent location is suitable for domestic and foreign business travelers, tourists, and shoppers.
Fullon Hotel Taipei is a world-class tourist hotel; the lobby is featured with elevated ceiling with pottings of flowers and plants that creates a refreshing and elegant atmosphere.
The 120 exquisite rooms and suites meet the demands of business travelers and tourists with our trendy designs, safe environment and high-tech facilities. The hotel boasts an unparalleled window view, allowing Taipei 101, one of the world-class landmarks, to greet your eyes.
With the world-class facilities, spacious guest rooms, abounding F&B services, excellent club facilities, and sincere services, business travelers and celebrities from different parts of the world are surrounded by a pleasant and carefree environment.

  • 02-2701-9266
  • 經緯度: 25.03685, 121.537242
  • No.266, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Kaohsiung Fullon

Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung locates at the intersection of Wufu 4th Road and Dacheng Street in Yancheng District, a convenient location with fabulous surroundings. Positioned as a world-class tourist hotel next to the Love River, Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung provides 250 guest rooms and facilities including a swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness center. Wireless internet connection is accessible everywhere in the hotel. The Premier Floors of luxurious grand design are exceptionally preserved for high-end consumers; this is where you can privately have an elevated view of this city of ocean with a glass of red wine, end a busy day in satisfaction.
The Hotel boasts a variety of attractions around it. The clean Love River provides a carefree environment for diversified leisure and culture activities. The beautiful Heping Park makes a wonderful spot for wedding photo shooting. The lighting of Ruyi Bridge at nights makes it a glowing river, creating a romantic ambience. The True Love Pier is known for its two giant sails which point at the downtown and the Qijing Ferry Pier respectively. The Hotel allows the guest to take in the skyscrapers in the city and witness giant ships sailing into the harbor. Come and savor the day and night views.

  • 07-551-1188
  • 經緯度: 22.621557, 120.287708
  • No.45, Wufu 4th Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Linkou Fullon

Fullon Hotel Linkou locates at the junction point of Linkou and Guishan, and is close to the Huaya Technology Park and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Linkou Branch), the two technologically significant sites of Taiwan. It only takes 15 minutes of drive to arrive at the Hotel from Taipei City, and 30 minutes from the airport. The accessibility to industrial zone, downtown shopping area, and the transportation hub makes the Hotel the first choice for business travelers to stay, have meetings, or dine with partners or friends.
The paintings and artistic objects in the Hotel highlight the simple but elegant design concept of the Hotel. Our staff is always ready to provide our best service to every single guest coming to Fullon.

  • 03-327-9388
  • 經緯度: 25.060595, 121.362737
  • No. 68, Wuner 1st St., Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Shenkeng Fullon

Fullon Hotel ShenKeng is the 8th hotel in the Fullon Group and opened in 2010. The Hotel features trendy and luxurious design, and is the most prominent hotel in the neighborhood of Sinyi district. With 317 guestrooms, the needs of business traveler and tourists can all be well satisfied.
The neoclassic style architecture stands by the major passage travelling between Taipei and Shenkeng is the most outstanding landmark in the industrial and commercial zone. The trendy and grand decorations, accompanied by the garden, marks the unparalleled style of the Hotel. The Lotus Room and Crystal Room is gorgeous and well-equipped for banquets or meetings.
The Hotel is close to the Muzha Interchange of Freeway No.3. And one can take the Xinhai Express Highway to downtown Taipei, or take Sinyi Express highway to Sinyi district. Nearby tourist destinations include Shenkeng Street, where you can savor local snacks, the Taipei Zoo, where families can have fun together, the Maokong Gondola, the scenic area of Pingsi and Shiding, Dr. Sun Yet-sen’s memorial Hall, and Taipei World Trade Center. Within 15 minutes of drive, you can visit business partners, go to exhibitions, or shop. This is the most convenient, affordable, but also luxurious hotel near Sinyi district.

  • 02-2662-0088
  • 經緯度:
  • No. 236, Sec. 3, Beishen Rd., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City 222, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Jhongli Fullon

Opened in 2002, Fullon Hotel Zhongli situates in the business area in front of Zhongli Train Station and provides convenient transportation. With 155 exquisite guest rooms, Fullon Hotel Zhongli, formerly named as Lihpao International Business Hotel, is now a part of the Fullon Hotel Chain System and renamed as “Fullon Hotel Zhongli”.
The Hotel keeps improving its infrastructures by renewing the interior decorations of guest rooms and restaurants along with professional and quality service. The facilities of the best superiority and the friendly services Fullon Hotel Zhongli provides are well recognized by the public. Fullon Hotel Zhongli has gained great reputation in the area with the awards won in several competitions and rating, including The Gold Prize of Most Satisfactory Service (Hospitality Industry) and The Best Enterprise Product, The Silver Prize of the 2003 International Cuisine Competition, The 4th Best Enterprise Product in the Fourth National Enterprise Award, the Golden Prizes of the 5th Excellent SME Award and the Best Enterprise Product, the Diamond Prize of Outstanding Consumer Products Award, the 2005 Excellent Prize for Sanitary Self-Management, and the Flagship Prize for the 2006 Trendy Hotels Competition, to name a few. Our efforts and persistence in effective management and sincere service are evident!

  • 03-427-0900
  • 經緯度:24.954692, 121.223488
  • No.89, Jhongjheng Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Taoyuan Fullon

The Encounter of Classic and Modern~
Located in downtown Toayuan, Fullon Hotel Taoyuan opened in 2007 and is a world-class hotel that caters to the needs of both those on business and those on holiday.
The hotel was designed based on neoclassic architectural style and is located in Taoyuan city’s economic and cultural center of much potential.
The hotel’s lobby, with its elevated ceilings, shows grandness; the green garden provides a greatly relaxing atmosphere. The spacious Fullon Banquet Hall, the Lotus Room, has French windows that extend the scenery to the outside. Equipments of the latest technology assure events held here to proceed smoothly. Restaurants that serve fine Eastern and Western cuisines are where to have a wonderful feast with your guests.
The Hotel offers 182 exquisite guestrooms and suites. The rooms are of dark brown color, accompanied by touches of golden decorations. The classy style echoes the taste of all the guests and provides a tranquil space to stay calm and make wise decisions. The Hotel is the only hotel that provides pure carbon dioxide salt spring, which is greatly beneficial to one’s health, in Taoyuan area.
There is also a wide range of facilities and services that will relax you, including a fitness center, swimming pool (open depending on the season), saunas, outdoor hot spring area and aromatherapy massage.
With the professional and caring service, Fullon Hotel Taoyuan is a great choice for business, travel, meetings, banquets and entertaining.

  • 03-326-5800
  • 經緯度:25.014033, 121.302999
  • No.200, Sec. 1, Dasing W. Rd., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Sanyin Fullon

The Sparkles of Tradition and Contemporary~
Sanxia has long been a town of rich resource and scenic landscape. Walking on the old streets, you can easily spot well-reserved historical buildings and art crafts which demonstrate the fascinating cultural legacy.
This is where Fullon Hotel Sanxia, opened in 2007, locates. It is located in the designated area of Taipei University and close to the Sanyin Interchange of Freeway No. 3—a location provides much accessibility.
The Hotel is also a suitable accommodation for business travelers with its location in the neighborhood of Tucheng Industry Zone, Datung High-tech Park in Shulin, and Dingpu High-tech Park in Tucheng. Fullon Hotel Sanyin, with its comfortable environment and exquisite cuisines, is the best choice for domestic and foreign business travelers or tourists when visiting Taipei or Sanxia. The Hotel is positioned as resort hotel of Fullon Hotels.
With trendy design conceptions and business functions, the Hotel provides diversity and world-class services. At Fullon Hotel Sanyin, we believe in putting our customers first and we are committed to provide the best possible services for business travelers and holiday makers.

  • 02-8672-1234
  • 經緯度:24.941306, 121.376213
  • No.63, Dasyue Rd., Sansia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Hotspring Fullon

Danshui, previously named Huwei, has always been a must-visit tourist destination for its scenery, rich culture and exotic ancient architectures.
Located against the lush and beautiful Datun Mountains, the Fullon Hot Spring Resort in Danshui offers fine views of the near mangroves and the far estuary. Owing to the hotel’s excellent location in the first row of the riverfront buildings, the scenic views of the Guanyin Mountain and the Danshui River are all under our guests’ eyes. The 14 hot spring houses and 25 guest rooms in the hotel all face the waterfront and the Bali-style courtyard, which echo the artificial landscape outside the windows of the rooms, and enjoy an excellent double-view.
The bathing pools for men and women are of Japanese-style, and guarantee to provide our guests with a relaxing experience for both the mind and the body The Japanese Cuisine Restaurant provides tasty and healthy light foods. The multi-function conference room offers independent meeting areas for more privacy and comfort. The rare “Golden Beauty Spring” at Fullon is a gift with the special features of both the sulfurous spring and carbonate spring
It is said to be beneficial to health and beauty while is also the most attractive one among the north coast springs. The hotel is located on Danjin Rd., facing the Hongshulin MRT Station. The convenient transportation makes it a carefree getaway in the busy city.

  • 02-8626-3939
  • 經緯度: 25.198651, 121.447034
  • No.6, Danjin Rd., Danshuei Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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